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When a Utility is Cut or Broken


When a Utility is Cut or Broken

In the event that Treeland’s crew sees a utility that is cut or broken then our crew will ask the customer if the tree can be planted in another area. Otherwise if the customer does not want to move over then the crew will bring the tree back to the farm until the repairs are resolved. In either one of these scenarios Treeland’s crew will expose the area of the damaged utility. We realize this may leave an unfinished job but you should verify that your contractor is going to clean the yard and cover the hole.

There are instances when Treeland’s crew does not know that the utilities are damaged and the customer finds out after the job is complete. If there is a stake that has damaged a utility then Treeland will come back out at no charge to the customer and restake the tree. If the damaged utility is below the rootball and the contractor can’t fix the utility then we would dig up and replant the tree at no cost to the customer.

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