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Private Gas Lines


Customer’s Responsibility – Private Gas Lines

Gas lines are the most critical utility that we encounter because of the danger they present to our customers and crew. All lines leading to the meter are the responsibility of the utility provider to maintain and have located. Customers are held responsible for maintaining and locating gas lines that run from the meter into the house. It is pretty much like electricity, after the meter, the wiring in the home is the responsibility of the customer. The same thing is true with gas, after the meter, the customer is responsible. If customers have a gas meter that is located next to their house then the entire gas line will be marked by the utility provider once we contact Texas811. If the meter is located at the street or alley (not next to the house) then the utility provider will only mark up to that point leaving the private utility line that runs from the meter to the house unmarked. Given that situation, it is the customer’s discretion as to whether they would like to hire a private utility locator or not. If a customer elects not to have the private utilities located, then Treeland takes no financial responsibility for repairs or reimbursing the customers for their costs. Here are a few companies who can provide this service:


Wood Inspection Services

Baker Utility Partners, LLC

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