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Planting Next to Utilities


Planting Next to Utilities

The customer’s placement of the trees will be reviewed at the time of delivery by our delivery crew. To avoid damaging any utilities we will not plant a tree, remove existing trees nor excavate within 18 inches of a marked utility line. Here is a chart that will show you the closest that a tree can be planted to a marked utility line. For all customers that would like to plant trees closer than the distances specified in the chart below then Treeland can deliver the trees and customers can have another company plant the trees i.e. mowing crews or landscapers. The distances on the chart are the measurements from the center of the trunk to the marked utility line.

Container Size
Closest Planting Distance from Center of Trunk to Marked Utility
15 Gallon
29 Inches
20 Gallon
30 Inches
30 Gallon
34 Inches
45 Gallon
37 Inches
65 Gallon
38 Inches
95 Gallon
42 Inches
200 Gallon
46 Inches