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Irrigation & Main Water Lines


Customer’s Responsibility
Irrigation & Main Water Lines

The most common utilities that we encounter are main water lines, sprinkler pipes and drip irrigation. Due to the cost of hiring either plumbers, irrigators or private utility locators most customers elect not to have them located. If a customer elects not to have the utilities located, then Treeland takes no financial responsibility for repairs or reimbursing the customers for their costs. When it comes to sprinkler and drip irrigation pipe, they are easy to fix as a DIY project and the parts are cheap as well, which cost just a couple of dollars for compression or barbed couplers. Concerning main water lines, if customers contact their public water provider that provider will only mark their utility lines that run up to the meter and they will not mark the water line from the meter to the house. Main water lines can be located by hiring a plumber or a private utility locator and if our crew damages a main water line that would not be a project that you could fix on your own. A plumber would need to be contacted to have the main line repaired and the cost to do that normally runs between $150 to $250.

Some customers know the locations of the above ground sprinkler heads/bubblers but this does not indicate where the sprinkler pipes run below ground. Please be aware that a casual mentioning or pointing out to our crew the location(s) of any sprinkler heads or water lines will not be sufficient, as those are not accurate enough ways to mark a utility line. Utilities that are marked correctly should be marked with flags and/or spray paint and the utility should be within one foot of either side of the marking. If the private utilities are marked correctly and they are damaged, then Treeland will take financial responsibility for repairs or reimbursing customers for their costs.

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