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Treeland Nursery Inc
1208 Sharp Road
Gunter , Texas 75058
(972) 372-4737

Order Process


Once an order is submitted either online, by phone, or emailed in after using our self-serve process at the farm, the following steps will follow:

A delivery date and flex time window will be selected and emailed to you for approval. We always select the earliest available dates for every installation, and delivery dates are based upon order size and location.

5-10 days before the delivery date we will send a QuickSign Package to your email which customers must sign online before delivery. The QuickSign package includes an invoice, copy of our guarantee policy, utility policy, and recommended watering and fertilizing schedule. If an order is cancelled/rescheduled within 72 hours or less prior to delivery day, then the customer will be charged a $50 cancellation fee for the first tree, and then $25 per tree for each additional tree cancelled/rescheduled. Reschedules due to stumps that prevent Treeland from planting will also receive this fee.

5-10 days before the delivery date we will submit your address to Texas811 so they can mark any utility lines in either your front or backyard as noted on the order. Our utility policy shares more about which lines Texas811 marks and those they do not. If a utility marking is in the desired area of your tree, please contact the office for more information.

The day before your delivery you will receive an email with the delivery crew's target arrival time.

Prior to the planting crew's arrival our customers must have the placement of their trees decided. Our crews do not allow any extra time for designing and placement. If a customer changes their mind about a tree location after the crew has planted the tree or dug the hole as directed by the customer, there will be an additional fee charged to re-plant it. Customers are also asked to clear any decorative rocks/ river rocks from any planting areas to prevent them from getting mixed into the dirt. If we need to cross over any tile/stone areas to access the planting area, please cover the tile/stone to prevent any damage.

No payment is due until the time of delivery and planting. You can pay the planting crew with cash and check or call the office to pay with credit card. We accept MC, VISA, or DISC (No AMEX) and we do add an additional 2.5% convenience fee for processing. To avoid that fee please pay the crew with cash or check. Check totals must match the invoice totals exactly, make sure not to round up or down. Payments are due before the crew leaves the jobsite. For all late payments we charge a fee of $10 per day.

Enjoy the new addition to your landscape and follow our recommended watering and fertilizing schedule. Keep in mind that lawn sprinklers are not sufficient sources of water for our trees. Please call or email our office anytime with watering or tree care questions.

Provide us your feedback so we can better serve our customers. If you had a great experience, please share it on one of our review sites such as Google and Facebook. As a family run business, it means so much to us and we are so grateful for your business.

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