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Our 1 Year Guarantee


Our 1 Year Guarantee

How our Guarantee Works
For Trees planted and covered by Treeland the tree is guaranteed to live for 1 year from the date that it was planted. If a tree dies then Treeland will give a 2/3 allowance based on the original invoice price (after discounts), which will be applied towards the new purchase of equal or greater value. There will be no allowances issued after the 1-year guarantee period and there is only one replacement offered per tree. Replacement orders must be placed within 1 year from the date of planting. Clearance trees are covered as well.

The allowance only applies if you spend an amount that is equal to or greater than the original invoice price. For example, if a customer lost a Red Oak that was priced at $295 then they will be given a 2/3 allowance of $196.66 towards their next purchase of $295 or more. If you spend less than the cost of the original tree, then you will be given a 2/3 allowance off the new lower tree price. Treeland cannot guarantee that the same tree/size/price as the original order will be available when scheduling a replacement.

Who is covered?
Customers that have Treeland plant at their primary residence that they own and reside at full time. Warranty is not transferable to new occupants or owners.

Who is not covered?
Customers that do not have Treeland plant their trees and those who have us plant at their 2nd home, non-primary home, unoccupied home, commercial property, non-residential property, weekend home or unoccupied land. We also do not warranty any items installed in containers or pots. If the owner information provided to Treeland is found to be not truthful, then Treeland can void the warranty.

What is not covered?
Trees that died due to or after a freeze or water restrictions which prevented customers from following Treeland’s watering guidelines properly.

What is covered?
Everything else.

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