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Watering Guide



For the first 18 months trees need to receive water in addition to the water that they get from the lawn sprinkler system (if present). On the day that the trees are planted the delivery crew will have completed the 1st watering and the watering guidelines that Treeland has provided should be followed for the 2nd watering.

Treeland recommends (this is not required) that customers customize all the future waterings by completing soil moisture tests to determine the proper number of gallons that should be applied each watering. The watering guidelines that Treeland provides is based upon years of customer feedback regarding the soil moisture content and what works best for 80% of the yards that we plant in. For 1 out of 5 customers, adjustments will need to be made to the number of gallons that applied each watering. Blindly following our watering guidelines without completing a soil moisture test will increase the likelihood of your tree(s) going through stress or dying. After completing several soil moisture tests customers will start to develop a better picture of what is occurring at the bottom of the rootball and if the gallons per application will need to be customized per the soil conditions.

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