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Watering Guide



For the first 18 months trees must receive water in addition to the water that is supplied to them via the lawn sprinkler system (if present). On the day that the trees are planted the delivery crew will have completed the 1st watering and the watering guidelines that Treeland has provided should be followed for the 2nd watering.

When it comes to watering, there are three rules that we want all customers to follow:

Always know how many gallons are being applied on the tree each watering because this will be instrumental once soil moisture tests are completed. Make sure to never rely solely on the number of minutes that the trees are watered or simply filling up the wells that are built around the trees because that doesn’t give us any information as to the number of gallons that are being applied on the tree each watering. For example, if there are 2 people that are apply water for the same number of minutes they could be applying totally different amounts of water per watering because the flow rates are different.

Always be consistent with the watering schedule. If our schedule calls for every other day waterings make sure that schedule is adhered to and not a schedule of every two/three days or watering the trees every day. It is difficult to customize a watering program and promote maximum growth with an inconsistent schedule.

Always have a purpose to the watering program. What we mean by “purpose” is that with each watering a certain soil moisture level should be targeted and this can be done by completing soil moisture tests and fine tuning the number of gallons that are being applied each watering. The most common mistakes that we see when trees are watered is that customers decide to water their trees for a random number of minutes as if it were pulled out of thin air and there is no justification for what is being done. After customers water their tree(s) for the first time, soil moisture tests will need to be completed to determine how the soil is draining at the base of the rootball. Adjustments can then be made with the number of gallons that are being applied each watering so that the proper soil moisture level can be maintained. To complete the soil moisture test, a 4” perforated drain pipe will be installed with each tree which runs vertically along the edge of the rootball from the ground level all the way to base of the rootball. Having the pipe installed will allows us to quickly collect samples by reaching our hands down the pipe and then identifying whether the soil is too wet or too dry between waterings. Also, if there is any excess water at the bottom of the rootball the pipe allows us an easy way to drain the water using either a shop vac, hand pump or siphon.

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