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Planting Process




5-10 days prior to installation, Treeland submits a locate ticket to TX811 as required by Texas State Law. Please visit our utility page by clicking here to read about what utilities TX811 locators mark and do not mark and how to prevent any damage when planting and staking trees. Customers are encouraged to mark (spray paint or flag) any private lines, pool lines, irrigation, decorative lighting, etc. for our install crew. Treeland is not liable for any damage caused when planting or staking trees when the lines are not property marked. If a utility marking is in the desired area of your tree, please contact the office for more information.

During transport all of the trees and shrubs will be placed under a tarp to ensure that none of the leaves are burnt or lost. Upon arrival at the job site customers can visually inspect the trees and shrubs to ensure they are in a good, healthy living condition and that they meet the customer’s quality expectations. Treeland charges restocking fees for any trees sent back. If any trees are not approved upon arrival, then they will need to be sent back with the crew as we do not allow returns once the trees have been delivered and the crew has left the job site. We charge $50 for the first tree and $25 for each additional tree sent back. If customers visit the farm to reselect replacements for trees sent back, then we waive the restocking fees.

Treeland will transport all of the trees and shrubs around the customer’s yard with a tree dolly. Using a dolly allows us to easily fit the trees and shrubs through the customer’s gates which means that we rarely have to remove fence panels. If customers have a gate that is 36” wide then we are able to fit up to 95 gallon size trees through them. All 200 gallon size trees will require gates that are 55” wide. If their gate is narrower than 55” then then customers will need to have a fence panel removed prior to Treeland’s arrival.

If there are any existing trees or stumps that need to be removed, customers will need to email a picture like the below example to the office for approval in advance of the delivery. The tape measure must be wrapped around the entire trunk of the tree and touching the ground. Treeland will take that circumference and then calculate the diameter to provide your removal cost. We can remove trees and stumps up to 6” in trunk diameter and we charge $25 per diameter inch, which is calculated at the very base.

If the trees and stumps are larger than 6” we recommend that customers contact Chippers Tree Service at 972-743-9959 and they can give you a quote for the removal. Below is a chart showing the cost for Treeland to remove the entire tree and stump for trees up to our 6” maximum. It’s important that the correct stump grinds are performed as Treeland does charge a rescheduling fee if we are unable to plant due to stumps/roots and have to return to plant.

Diameter of Trunk at Ground Level
Price to remove existing trees
(Prices Do Not Include Tax)
1 Inch
2 Inches
2.5 Inches
3 Inches
3.5 Inches
4 Inches
4.5 Inches
5 Inches
5.5 Inches
6 Inches

The customer’s placement of the trees will be reviewed at the time of delivery by our delivery crew. To avoid damaging any utilities we will not plant a tree, remove existing trees nor excavate within 18 inches of a marked utility line. Here is a chart that will show you the closest that a tree can be planted to a marked utility line. The distances on the chart are the measurements from the center of the trunk to the marked utility line.

Container Size
Closest Planting Distance from Center of Trunk to Marked Utility
15 Gallon
29 Inches
20 Gallon
30 Inches
30 Gallon
34 Inches
45 Gallon
37 Inches
65 Gallon
38 Inches
95 Gallon
42 Inches
200 Gallon
46 Inches

Before each of the trees are planted we will loosen the outer 1/2″ of roots on all container trees which stimulates the roots to grow faster into the surrounding soil and prevent any continuation of circulating roots.

Before our crew starts to dig the holes our customers are encouraged to inspect the trees and shrubs again to ensure that they meet their quality expectations and that the trees are in their correct placements. If a customer decides that they do not like the tree or its placement after it is planted and/or holes have been prepared, and while our crew is still at the jobsite then they will be charged a fee to remove or transplant it.

Container Size
Price to Remove or Transplant Trees After They Have Already Been Planted
(Prices Do Not Include Tax)
15 Gallon
20 Gallon
30 Gallon
45 Gallon
65 Gallon
95 Gallon
200 Gallon

Each hole that is dug will be 4″ – 8″ larger in diameter than the size of the container. When planting trees that are 30 gallon or larger it is best not to dig the hole twice as large because it leads to standing watering in the bottom of the hole which is followed by root rot. When the soil is undisturbed there are no air pockets for the water to permeate into which leads to less standing water.

To ensure that each tree is planted at the proper depth the top of the existing rootball is planted 1″ above the existing ground level. The only exceptions to this rule are Little Gem Magnolias, which we plant 3” above ground level to ensure proper drainage.

Treeland will request the customer’s assistance in making sure that
each tree is turned for the best view.

Treeland stakes all large 30 gallon trees and all trees that are in 45 gallon and larger containers. We use 12 gauge double stranded galvanized wire and we insert that wire into 1/2″ flexible tubing which is wrapped around the trunk to protect trunk from rubbing against wire. We hammer into the ground metal posts or wooden stakes that are 2’ long to anchor the trees. We recommend that the customer leaves the stakes on for 1-2 years. It is also important that customers periodically tighten the wires as they become loose.

Treeland allows each customer to decide if they would like a well to be built around their trees or if they would like to keep the dirt level with the yard. We recommend placing a well around the tree which will help to retain water during watering. Customers who do not want the well will need to advise the crew at the time of planting.

When the planting is complete Treeland will remove all of the excess dirt or customers can decide to keep it.

Once all of the trees have been planted and our crew have meet the customer’s quality expectations for the trees and planting then they can give our delivery crew payment with a check or cash. If a customer decides to call the office to pay with a MasterCard, Visa or Discover then a 2.5% convenience fee will be added to the order. We do not accept American Express. Payments are due before the crew leaves the jobsite. A fee of $10 per day is charged for late payments.

Treeland’s crew will also take pictures of all of the trees and shrubs once the job is complete. This allows the owners to oversee that each item is properly planted and staked and that the yard is free of any loose dirt upon completion.

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