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Gunter, TX 75058
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Treeland Nursery Inc
1208 Sharp Road
Gunter , Texas 75058
(972) 372-4737

Benefits of Ordering Online


Phone: 972-372-4737

In 2021, 60% of Treeland's customers ordered over the phone and online. Listed below are several reasons why our customers had the confidence to place orders online and by phone:

No deposit is required to place a phone order and reserve a delivery date. Our customers do not pay until Treeland completes the installation of the trees and shrubs.

If our customers are not satisfied with our tree selections for any reason, we will bring the tree(s) back and allow the customer to visit the farm to reselect. If customers select replacements for any trees sent back, then we waive the restocking fees.

Trained staff select the trees and shrubs that are going to be delivered, which insures that customers receive premium quality.

Treeland believes that the quality of its trees and shrubs is the highest in the state. These quality standards are achieved by visiting the biggest and highest quality tree farms in Texas. These tree farms have thousands of each type of tree in every container size and from these large inventories Treeland selects the top 5% of those trees and shrubs. It is common for most nurseries to order over the phone and not individually select their trees. As a result Treeland’s standard is a much higher quality tree.