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1208 Sharp Road
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Private Utilities


Customer’s Responsibility – Private Utilities

There are some utilities that are not located when a locate ticket is submitted through Texas811 which are referred to as “private utilities.” Treeland does not locate any private utilities in advance of the delivery and we leave it up to the customer’s discretion as to whether they would like to hire a professional to locate the private utilities or not. If a customer elects not to have the private utilities located, then Treeland takes no financial responsibility for repairs or reimbursing the customers for their costs. Please be aware that a casual mentioning or pointing out to our crew the location(s) of any private gas, electric or water lines will not be sufficient, as those are not accurate enough ways to mark a utility line. Utilities that are marked correctly should be marked with flags and/or spray paint and the utility should be within one foot of either side of the marking. If the private utilities are marked correctly and they are damaged, then Treeland will take financial responsibility for repairs or reimbursing customers for their costs.

The following utilities will not be marked by Texas811: main gas lines extending from the meter to the house (if the meter is not next to the house), gas lines running to outdoor kitchens or fireplaces/firepits or swimming pools, propane tanks/lines, main water lines, sprinkler pipe, drip irrigation, poly tubing to bubblers, sprinkler wire, septic systems, swimming pool water lines, swimming pool electric lines, electric lanterns, and landscape lighting.

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