Treeland Nursery
1208 Sharp Rd.
Gunter, TX 75058
(972) 372-4737

Deciduous Trees

Evergreen Trees

Flowering Trees



Treeland Nursery Inc
1208 Sharp Road
Gunter , Texas 75058
(972) 372-4737

Treeland’s Responsibility

Please be aware that digging holes with shovels to plant trees, using metal or wooden stakes to secure them or using an axe to remove existing trees involves the risk of damaging utilities in your yard. For the safety of our customers and employees, Treeland will contact Texas811 before each delivery. Texas811 is a notification center that will call each public utility operator that is responsible for electricity, gas, and communication lines. Each utility operator will come out and spray dashes on the grass or place flags where the public utility lines run. Utility operators will only mark the underground facilities that they own and operate up to the point of delivery to the consumer (a meter is considered the point of delivery).

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