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Gunter, TX 75058
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Treeland Nursery Inc
1208 Sharp Road
Gunter , Texas 75058
(972) 372-4737

Tree Removal Costs


Tree Removal Costs

Treeland charges to remove existing trees unless they were originally planted by our delivery crew within the past 4-5 years and are still under 6" in diameter. Our crew can remove trees that are up to 6” in caliper (diameter). The caliper is calculated by taking the circumference at ground level and dividing that by 3.14. All trees that measure up to 6" in caliper are billed at $25 per inch and any trees over 6” are too large for our crew to remove and we recommend contacting Chippers Tree Service (972-743-9959) because they have the equipment to complete a deep stump grind. It’s important that the correct stump grinds are performed as Treeland does charge a rescheduling fee if we are unable to plant due to stumps/roots and have to return to plant.

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