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1208 Sharp Road
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F.A.Q. about the guarantee



1. Do I have to order and schedule my replacement tree within the 12-month period after the date of planting?

2. I did not ask for a replacement within the 12-month period, but I did email in beforehand with questions about my tree. Can I still get an allowance even though the 12-month period has ended since I emailed you?
No, customers must schedule a replacement order within the 12-month period to receive the warranty allowance. Answering customer questions does not count as a replacement order or extend the 12-month warranty period.

3. I did everything that you said in your tree care advice to try to save my tree and it did not survive. Can I get additional discounts beyond the warranty allowance since my tree did not make it and I tried following your advice?
No, we do not offer any additional credits beyond the warranty allowance. We try to offer the best tree care possible, but we cannot promise that the tree will survive.

4. I provided excellent care to my tree after installation but need a replacement, does the warranty still apply to me?

5. If I sell my house after planting, can the new homeowners use my warranty?
No, the warranty is non-transferable to new occupants or owners.

6.If I move out of my house and turn the home into a rental property instead, can I use my warranty?

7. What happens when you no longer have the same tree/size/price available as my original purchase?
Customers have the option to select from our current inventory and price list. We will calculate the warranty allowance from there and apply the appropriate allowance based on the cost.

8. When does the 12-month warranty period start?
The 12-month warranty period begins the day of installation.

9. Do you offer refunds after a tree is installed?

10. I have lost my replacement tree as well; can I get a warranty allowance on its replacement?
No, we only offer a one-time replacement allowance. Replacement trees do not get a warranty.