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Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’

Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’

Scientific Name: Vitex agnus-castus 'Shoal Creek'
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  • vitex leaf
  • Blooming Vitex
  • Shoal Creek Vitex flower detail.
  • Swallowtail Butterfly on a Vitex
  • Vitex
  • Vitex Shoal Creek planted in a frontyard in Frisco, Texas by Treeland Nursery.
  • Grouping of three Vitex trees planted by Treeland Nursery.
  • Vitex Shoal Creek planted in a backyard to provide a screen by Treeland Nursery.
  • Vitex Trees Prosper, TX
  • Vitex
  • Vitex trees Celina, TX
  • Blooming Vitex tree planted by Treeland Nursery.
  • Vitex
  • Vitex Shoal Creek Tree
  • Maturing Vitex
  • Vitex tree
  • vitex tree shoal creek, chaste tree
  • Vitex Shoal Creek pruned into tree form and planted in a backyard by Treeland Nursery.
  • Blooming Vitex tree installed by Treeland Nursery.
  • Vitex
  • Vitex tree planted in a frontyard by Treeland Nursery.
  • Maturing Vitex
  • Vitex
  • Vitex


Average Growth Rate is 3 Feet Per Year
Mature Size 20' Tall x 20' Wide


Full sun




No it doesn't have acorns


Rich green foliage with purple flowers


Fast Growing
Heat Tolerant
Drought Tolerant
Produces Fragrant Purple Flowers
Adaptable to a Wide Range of Soils
Designated as a Texas Superstar Shrub by Texas A&M University.

The Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ has earned a dominant status among the Vitex agnus-castus cultivars and it has several unique qualities that are responsible for this popularity. This cultivar of Vitex was selected for it vigorous growth habit, large flower spikes and it produces the best blue-purple flowers. Vitex are large multistemmed shrubs that maintain fairly dense, symmetrical and rounded canopies. Vitex also have some spring interest because the new branch growth has a showy purple color that turns red-brown and lastly a pale gray color as the branch matures. Vitex have medium to fine textured leaves that are 3 to 4 inches long with 5 to 7 leaves per stem. Vitex have a gray-green leaf with a lighter silver-gray color underside and in the fall the leaves develop a purple tint. In early summer Vitex begin producing silvery gray buds on the tips of each stem that open to a beautiful display of lavender blue flowers that are extremely fragrant. Each cluster of flowers that the Vitex produces has dense rings of lavender blue flowers and each cluster can range from 8 to 12 inches long. Vitex continue this process over several weeks until the clusters completely blanket the entire canopy which are relished by butterflies and hummingbirds. The Vitex can tolerate most soil conditions, provided they are well drained, and will flourish in full sun. The Vitex is designated as a Texas Superstar Shrub by Texas A&M University.

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Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ – Multi Trunk 30g- in4-4.5 ft3.5-4 ft$235.00$177.00118-134Add to cart
Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ – Tree Form 65g2 - 2.5 in7-9 ft3-4 ft$295.00$221.00189-193Add to cart
Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ – Tree Form- Clearance 65g2 - 3 in7-11 ft3-5 ft$195.00$147.00189-193Add to cart
Vitex ‘Shoal Creek’ – Tree Form 65g2.5 - 3 in9-11 ft4-5 ft$420.00$315.00189-193Add to cart