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Yaupon Holly

Scientific Name: Ilex vomitoria

Yaupon Holly Tree 30 GallonThe Yaupon Holly is native to Texas and is adapted to a variety of soil types with its superior level of shade and drought tolerance. The Yaupon Holly can be trimmed into a dense hedge or the Yaupon Holly can be pruned into a small tree revealing its uniquely contorted trunks. The Yaupon Holly has a densely rounded canopy filled with simple, leathery, dark green leaves. Yaupon Holly leaves are oval shaped, about ½ inch long and have serrated edges. The Yaupon Holly produces inconspicuous white flowers in the spring. The flowers allow the Yaupon Holly to pollinate and produce an abundant amount of vivid red berries that are very attractive. The bark on a Yaupon Holly is smooth with a dark gray color.

Growth Rate
Evergreen or Deciduous
Height Mature
Width Mature
1.5' Per Year

Additional Yaupon Holly Pictures:

Yaupon Holly
Yaupon Holly Leaf
Yaupon Holly
Yaupon Holly Berries

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