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Eastern Red Cedar

Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana

Eastern Red Cedar 30 GallonEastern Red Cedar are attractive evergreens that are grown as a large shrubs or small trees with a dense pyramidal form. The Eastern Red Cedar is often used for windbreaks, screens and for median strip plantings in the highway. The Eastern Red Cedar will grow in a variety of soil types including clay and is very drought tolerant. The new foliage on an Eastern Red Cedar appears needle like with an attractive dark blue-green color. As the foliage on an Eastern Red Cedar matures they turn to a dark green color and appear scale like. The Eastern Red Cedar also has reddish-brown exfoliating bark that peels of in long vertical strips. In late fall the female Eastern Red Cedar produces an abundance of dark blue fruit.

Common Names: Virginia Juniper, Red Juniper, Pencil Cedar, Carolina Cedar

Growth Rate
Evergreen or Deciduous
Height Mature
Width Mature
2' Per Year

Eastern Red Cedar Mature
Eastern Red Cedar Tree Leaf