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Desert Willow 'Bubba'

Scientific Name: Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba'

Desert Willow 'Bubba' FlowerThe Desert Willow 'Bubba' has become one of the most popular Chilopsis linearis cultivars because of it's beautiful and fragrant trumpet shaped pink-burgundy flowers. The Desert Willow produces large clusters of flowers towards the tips of the branches which persist from late spring to early fall. This cultivar of Desert Willow is also popular because it does not typically produce seed pods. Desert Willows have airy and rounded to spreading crowns that can be utilized as a large shrub or pruned into tree form. The Desert Willow is highly tolerant of drought and heat and performs best in sunny, dry or well drained sites. For landscapes that do not have the optimal drainage for Desert Willows then raised beds can be built. The leaves on a Desert Willow have a soft and fine texture that measure 5 to 7 inches long and 1/4 to 1/2 wide. In the fall Desert Willows produce a simple yellow color. The Desert Willow is an excellent choice for courtyards, patios and west Texas themed landscapes.

Common Names: Desert Willow, Flowering Willow, Willowleaf Catalpa, Desert Catalpa

Growth Rate
Evergreen or Deciduous
Height Mature
Width Mature
1.5' Per Year

Additional Desert Willow 'Bubba' Pictures:

Desert Willow 30 Gallon
Desert Willow 'Bubba' 30 Gallon
Desert Willow Leaf
Desert Willow 'Bubba' Leaf

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