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About Us

Thirty years ago Bob and Pat Piaschyk purchased a large Pecan tree from a local nursery and Bob thought that the tree cost too much.  This gave Bob the idea of starting his own tree farm and selling trees for more reasonable prices. Pat’s parents gave them 31 acres of land 16 miles north of Frisco in Gunter, TX. This property was part of her family’s original homestead of 125 acres which they bought 61 years earlier for $51 per acre. She went to high school in Gunter and graduated with a class size of 7. We are still a small community of about 1200 people but we are in the path of rapid growth just to our south.

Like most entrepreneurs all Bob needed was an idea and now 28 years later Treeland is one of the largest retail nurseries in North Texas. In 1983 they started growing hundreds of one gallon seedlings in the backyard of their home in Plano, Texas. One year later they planted those seedlings at their farm in Gunter. Six years after they planted the first acorns, in 1989, Treeland started digging, selling and planting their first trees that were 3” to 5” caliper. Twelve years later, in 2001, they switched over to purchasing and growing container trees instead of growing and digging the trees out of the ground due to the many advantages of container trees. At that time he also decided to expand into the niche of selling large flowering shrubs and large evergreens that are used as privacy screens and ornamentals.

Their biggest break came about with the arrival of the internet. While Derek, Bob’s son, was attending Texas Tech University he spent hundreds of hours figuring out how search engines work and how customers search for trees on the internet. His expertise has allowed us to change the traditional model of a nursery from being located on a highly visible, expensive lot on a main road to allowing customers to shop efficiently online and draw them to the country with lower costs. Our focus has always been to deliver high quality trees with the best prices and excellent service and the internet is now an integral part of that process.

One of Bob’s long term goals is to provide a superior shopping experience than what a typical nursery provides. Our entire farm is rocked which allows customers to easily view the trees without walking around in the mud. In addition, customers can drive down most of the rocked areas on the farm or one of Treeland’s employees can drive customers around in one of their 6 passenger golf carts. Bob has designed the farm with extra spacing between each tree so that they can easily be viewed from all angles. Customers can also conveniently shop on their own because each tree has a label listing the type of tree, size and price. Bob has plans to continue beautifying the farm by adding additional landscape beds and walking trails, which is in addition to the 3 large landscaped ponds and large flower beds that are already scattered throughout the farm. Please visit our photo gallery to view pictures of our farm.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to helping you.

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