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Cleveland Select Pear

Scientific Name: Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'

Cleveland Select Pear Tree 30 GallonThe Cleveland Select Pear is a medium sized ornamental species that is commonly planted for its decorative value. In early spring Cleveland Select Pear trees produce clusters of beautiful white blossoms that lasts two weeks before the leaves appear. The flowers that are produced have five petals and are about 2-3 cm in diameter. Cleveland Select Pear trees have leaves that are oval in shape, 5-7 cm long, and are glossy dark green. In the autumn Cleveland Select Pears turn brilliant colors, anything from yellow and orange to a more common red, purple. The Cleveland Select Pear distinguishes itself from the Bradford Pear because the Cleveland Select is able to withstand storm damage during the high winds of severe thunderstorms or when ice storms occur. Bradford Pear trees are susceptible to storm damage due to their dense upward growth, which results in a multitude of narrow, weak forks within the branching. Because of this, Bradford Pear trees have a much shorter lifespan than the Cleveland Select Pear.

Growth Rate
Evergreen or Deciduous
Height Mature
Width Mature
3' Per Year

Additional Cleveland Select Pear Pictures:

Cleveland Select Pear Leaf
Cleveland Select Pear Leaf

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