Tips for picking up trees at the farm

July 22, 2018

We love our DIY customers and offer all of our available trees at picked up or planted prices for our retail customers and local small scale landscapers. You can view our picked up prices online by visiting our inventory & pricing page. The picked up prices are listed online and it’s just that price plus sales tax. No hidden fees. If you are not up for the challenge of planting your own trees then feel free to order trees at the planted price, and we are happy to tackle all the hard work for you.


Our pickup hours are different than our shopping hours. Pickup hours are Monday thru Saturday between 9am-3pm. Make sure you have everything tagged and selected at the farm by 2pm so we have time to get everything loaded before our farm crew leaves for the day.


We ll that all depends on which trees you are looking at picking up. A 30 gallon tree easily fits into the back of a standard truck bed but a 95 gallon tree will be too large for a regular pickup and will need a trailer. Once you know which tree sizes and quantities you are interested in pickup up then we encourage you to call the office to make sure that the truck or trailer that you are planning on bringing will be big enough for the trees selected.

Do I need to bring tarp or burlap?

The trees will definitely need to be wrapped with either a tarp or burlap to prevent wind burn on the ride back home. We sell burlap here at the farm if needed, and once we know which size trees you are purchasing and the quantities then we can provide a cost quote on the burlap. Burlap costs start out $30 for a 1- 30 gallon container.

Do I need to select the trees or can you have them preselected and READY TO LOAD for me?

With our easy to use online ordering system we invite our pickup customers to order ahead of time, and then we are happy to select the trees for you. Please allow 48 hours before picking the orders up so we have plenty of time to get the trees reserved and pulled for you.

This should answer our most common questions about pickup orders. Thought of some others? Well please give us a shout at the office by emailing or calling us>> or 972-372.4737. We invite all questions and are here to help.


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