Slugs eating your hostas?

July 30, 2016

Every year my hostas grow back bigger and fuller than the year prior. That’s great news, except for the fact that each year my slug colony also seems to grow at the same rate. I have actually never seen slugs so big in my life. I will try to add some giant slug pictures to this post later on. Basically, I let them snack until they become way too destructive each summer. I don’t mind a nibble here and there, but on every plant… come on now!

slugs eating my hostas
Hostas being eaten by slugs and snails

I also try to garden and control pests with organic options first, but I have had no luck with using copper pennies and beer traps in the garden, or any other ideas off Pinterest. My husband did look at me quite strangely when I was planting beer cans throughout my beds, but it’s probably not the strangest thing he has seen me do for the health of my plants.

The best thing I have found so far that doesn’t kill all of my other non-nuisance garden insects is Nature’s Care Slug & Snail Control from Miracle Grow. It’s main ingredient is Iron Phosphate, and it controls slugs and snails; preventing them from attacking all types of plants. It’s rain proof and it only takes 3-6 days to kill the slugs and snails. They ingest the bait a little every night, and then they usually die after they have slithered back to their hiding places. You likely won’t even see any of them, but will notice fewer holes appearing on your plants. The label says that this product works best when applied in the evening and when the ground is moist. Just sprinkle the bait around the plant or place about 1 teaspoon per every square yard. Apply the bait as needed or every two weeks if you are seeing new damage to any plants.

Nature's Care from Miracle Grow
Nature’s Care from Miracle Grow

I myself forget to reapply it, but the snails and slugs are great at reminding me. I just stocked up for the rest of the Summer, and I will be applying another round tonight. Enjoy the rest of this year’s hosta season.


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3 thoughts on “Slugs eating your hostas?”

    1. Hi Mimi, I wanted to share a new product that I use for slugs that is more wildlife friendly. I use slug traps that I ordered on Amazon. I have about 12 scattered around my beds and you plant them into the ground. I fill them up with fresh beer (the cheap stuff) once a week. I cannot believe how many slugs I have caught and I hardly have any damage to my hostas this year. Search this on Amazon “Beslands 5 Pcs Snail Trap 3.9″ x 2.4″ x 2.8” Eco-Friendly to Catch Slugs Snails Catcher “. Takes me about 3 beers to fill up 12 of them each week. – Denise

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