Holiday Gift Guide – 2019 Edition

December 7, 2019

The holidays are here and picking out gifts can be so stressful. I put a lot of thought and research into my gifts, but it seems like shopping for my outdoorsy and garden loving Mom can be the hardest thing. Really she just loves all things plants and gardening, but it can be hard to know exactly what she needs. You can only buy someone so many gardening tools. After culling through the interwebs and thinking about things that I own myself, I have put together a list of my favorite things. These are items that I would even love to receive and that I would be confident in giving to any of my gardening and nature loving friends.

gift ideas for gardeners


  1. Handmade Toad Abode – Create a cozy place for your Garden toad to live.
  2. Floral Arrangement Workshop -Dr. Delphinium in Dallas offers an array of courses for the DIY floral arranging enthusiast.
  3. Holiday Themed Bird Seed – Wild birds Unlimited offers a large variety of decorative bird seed that are perfect for stocking stuffers.
  4. Butterfly Puddler – Provide your pollinators a place to refresh and recharge with minerals and nutrients using this shallow butterfly puddling plate.
  5. Water Wiggler – Birds are much more attracted to water so the Water Wiggler creates small ripples in your bird bath.
  6. Pollinator Push Pops – These adorable wildflower seed push pops make gardening fun and easy.
  7. Avocado Tree Sprouter – Who wouldn’t love growing their own indoor Avocado tree.
  8. Custom Stamped Spoons – Never forget what you planted last year with these charming handmade garden labels made from old spoons.
  9. Butterfly Feeder – Provide your pollinators with an endless supply of food to help them thrive in your garden.
  10. Custom Garden Sign – Everyone would love a custom sign that shows off their stunning garden or that provides some character to the yard.
  11. Multi Hummingbird Feeder -Keep your backyard hummingbirds happy with this beautiful multi-tiered feeder.
  12. A year in the garden – Document all of your garden projects and tasks to better prepare you for the following year.
  13. Wildflower Seed Mixes – Wildseed Farms offers native wildflower seed mixes that work for all of the various zones in the US.

Do you have some great ideas that you have purchased this year? Let me know of any gardener gift ideas that you think should make the list for next year. Happy shopping and I know your friends and family will love whatever you select.


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